The Bipolar-Bioresonance Testing (BBT)

 - (developed  by  Willibald Melischko,  PhD/MD/Dentist) -

The following report shall  present  a  radionic-method, that can be carried out using samples of dried blood, saliva, hair, photography.

It was researched and  developed  by Willibald Melischko, born1931,
a (now retired) dentist. In about 40 years of dental practice, by the electro-acupuncture (EAV) and in collaboration with its founder Dr. Voll, he won increasing experience in the electromagnetic (energy) relations between health, illness, measurability and treatment option. 
Based on these researchs, he created the so called BBT-(system) which may be used for problem analysis and energetic treatment as well.

Specifically used are  the following  five  BBT-test- circuits:
Organ (test) circuit,
Infection (test) circuit,
Organ morbidity (test) circuit,
Homeopathy (test) circuit,
Mineralic (test) circuit

Details of therapeutic products, primarily from  the  pharmaceutical companies Staufen and Wala, and of single homeopathic remedies were associated with their corresponding frequencies or vibration patterns within these test circuits.

Content and significance of the test circles

The organ-test-circuit includes all organs and organ systems:

  • Pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi

  • Geopathic stress (radiation)

  • Electromagnetic-fields, radioactivity

  • Environmental toxins, metals

  • Weather and athomspheric influences

  • Disturbances in the acid - base balance

  • Exposure to hediterial toxines, drugs, scarfs etc.

Also valuable is the analysis of possible acute, chronical or subclinical disorders.
The infections-test-circuit

The infection cycle includes a variety of microbes and allows finding a listed, more accurate determination of bacteria, viruses and fungi as the cause for (chronical) infektions.In addition there are various displays from the energy field of the immune system, vitality and more,  as well as chronic disorders field  given by the body, mind and soul.
The organ-morbidity-test-circuit
A listing of many terms in line with the ICD nomenclature provides another, rapid analysis capability as information for physicians, therapists and others.

The homeopathy-test-circuit 
Homeopathy test circuit, with its frequency information of each agent, such as homeopathic remedies and other , is an extremely valuable tool for the compensation of previously analyzed disturbances or stress factors. The required dilutions/strength can be identified by appropriate  markings.

Working with the BBT

Since the work is very versatile, this report may give only an impression of the basiscs and  treatment option. In specific trainings/clinics  the BBT-Method is taught step by step, including the many individual and specific
fields to respond.

The following  requirements are basically essential:

  • Radionic (or radiesthetic) pre-training or practicing for users of the BBT

  • BBT-intensive basic and advanced training of users,  based on education and practical training

Required additional work aids:

  • Device for self-help field stabilization

  • Test pen

  • Transmitter(s) , to speed up energy points, or "degree rates"

  • Empty ampoules / vials filled with aqua marina,  physiological saline solution and / or  neutral Saccherose-globuli as a carrier medium for the
    application of proven remedies etc

  • Glass tubes or small glass container for storage of test objects

  • Patient drop of blood, hair, saliva, urine

The tests can be done in different ways.
The aim is the analysis of disturbed energy fields (and possibly their cause) and  to collect compensation options (commonly one speaks of healing following)

Adequate test objects (see above) will be analyzed accordingly. These are, without exceptions,  analysis by evaluating resonances as well as radiation and field strengths.

To indicate the wide range of analysis options an addition to already mentioned is listed here:

  • Exposure to electric and other fields

  • Bacteria, viruses, fungi

  • Allergies and allergy triggers

  • Environmental toxins

  • Parenchymal and Mesenchymal loads

  • Herds / focus

  • Addictions

  • Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and hormones

  • Disturbances in protein, carbohydrate, fat metabolism

  • Energy-contaminated organs

  • Testing of regarding quality and safety of food, water, materials,  jewelry and metals ...

The treatment as a compensatory energetic balance

The heart of the entire method, the energy-compensatory treatment
is,  that balancing remedies can be found in the homeopathic test-circuit. By detecting energetic polluted areas appropriate remedies can be determined to compensate for the necessary funds. Are the balancing remedies found, they can be purchased (i.e. stores or pharmacies).
Beside this, it is also possible to amplify the frequencies or vibrational pattern of the remedies etc. including the necessary dilution/strength to different carrier-materials (i.e. globules, droplets, powderetc.)
Another successful treatment measure is to transmit / radiate the necessary compensatory energetic-balancing-information directly to the blood sample. Through the morphogenetic field it reaches the patient immediately in thesence of far-distance-treatment.
Further details can be taken  from the scientific findings of quantum physics and is therefore not discussed in detail here.


The BBT is based on a system about 40 years of experience and research results. It is designed for physicians, human and animal therapist, alternative healers but also for interested "non-professionals". With its extensive analysis-capabilities and an effectiv, holistic treatment by  inexpensive procedures without side effects, the BBT directs already into the future. The method is continously under research and improvement . Hence the need for education and training.
The constant use of this material opens up new, often surprising perspectives, insights and new opportunities.
Individual ways of working and accents can be introduced and thus, perhaps, new Branches may be opened. This makes the study of the BBT - as with the Bioresonance general - so exciting and almost inexhaustible.
That this work can provide valuable assistance and and help,  the practice of many users has long been proven on almost daily basis.
Introduction into working with the BBT must be taken in basic training and furhter clinics. The teaching in theory and practice, the possibility of questions and answers and their own practice under guidance of experienced trainers are of major importance.  This also provides the necessary confidence for students in practicing  the BBT.

Therefore self-education is not offered !



As part of the screening in the BBT-base test various parameters are recorded.
Expressed in figures reveals the following:

Homeopathic means

220 (up to 440)

Constitutional means



(Heavy) metal      



(Enzymes, vitamins, minerals, hormones)     



Bodies and body areas (incl.Skelett / muscle)                                                
Allergies chronic / acute / allergens yes (without figures)


Main treatments (such as viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins, fungi)     



Acids and external energy fields (body, soul, mind)                                  


Chakrenbereiche / Meridian System                                                               




(Mesenchyme, parenchyma, venerial-toxine, Defense,
Institutions acute / chronic, scars, deep scars,
Geopathy, flock, fosusses (actual or subclinical), addiction,
Vaccination damage, incubation, Cancer, drug damage
Color, sound, etc.)


Treatment demand by main species                                                            
(Laser, magnetic, minerals, herbs, homeopathy,
Nosodes, nuclear, etc.)



120 (up to 400)

Mixed infections                                                                                         


26 (expandable)

Diseases (medical scientifical forms)                                                    


235 (up to 400)

The testing procedure will be extended as part of research ever
DATE: August 2011

translation /ammendments by  :        


Volker Gross
BBT-Practitioner /-Trainer
International Affairs for BBT