What exactly is Radionic?

Information - Script on Dowsing and  Radionic-Methods and their Delimitation (legally and others) to Orthodox/Scientific  Medicine

Radionics, for me, is a special form of spiritual healing and generally  supported by special devices , may be computerized or other. Radionics without a quasi "upstream", embedded Dowsing is basically next to "not possible". It is an analysis and treatment method in which the subtile plane and energy centers (chakras) are in the field of view and in principle without any reference to presence or conventional medical illnesses, diagnoses and concepts. However, there may well be possible to assign subtile pressures determined by a physician or other therapist,  also certain pathologies. This, however, lies in the field of medicine and not in the field of dowsing / Radionic. A newer term for Radionics is also " instrumental biocommunication" (Source: Quantec ).

The basics  for today's Radionics were laid by the American physician Dr. Albert Abrams (1863 -1924). Other major pioneers of Radionics have included David V. Tansley, Malcolm Rae and Ruth Drown. Coming from America radionics has flourished, first developed in England. In Great-Britain(GB) there is the "Radionic Practitioner" co-operating with doctors and other therapists, beeing integrated into the healing system of GB in the sense of a holistic approach. In Poland it is even a state-certified profession !

In Germany it was mainly starting  arround the  1960-ies  by Dr. Reinhold Voll (MD) by means of the so-called "electro-accupuncture" (EAV). Since this time further research and development was continued until today. It was one of the early students and a later friend of Dr. Voll , the german dentist Willibald Melischko, who developed the "BBT"during more than 30 years of experiences  (Bipolar-Bioresonancial-Testing).

Radionics uses specially developed instruments for this area and procedures. These are completely independent of their "lappearance "..... no technical instruments in the traditional technical sense, but are the reason and aid for the user to concentrate and focus.
In themselves, these instruments (radionics)would not even be necessary at all, but as a tool are very useful. In radionics meet many areas of knowledge and overcome their apparent limits. These include the quantum physics, ancient teachings, religious beliefs, exact knowledge of the subitle human anatomy, psychology, Spiritual Healing, Dowsing and sometimes even well-known medical knowledge.

"Radionics breaks through the barriers in all aspects of conventional wisdom."
(David Tansley)

The following quote, by the way, is Werner Heisenberg (Nobel prize for physics, co-founder of quantum mechanics) attributed:
"Such a thing .... must come from outsiders.  We as  science idiots may not do that ..."  (Source: Journal of Time § Space, 169/2011, page 90):

I practice Radionics in the context of an overall concept , handy for people and animals, to restore health,  to more stability and vitality and support their development in every way (holistic / integral).
For this, in the following the term "Radionic- Energetic-Coaching" (REC) will be used.
The application of the REC is in principle independent from health problems with sickness or desease indications. This treat of deseases is always a matter of physicians, naturopaths and other practitioners.
REC-can-support alongside their treatment, however.
Due to the individually required information, the inharmonious vibration or blocked cell body is recalled to work as it should and so instructed that they may return in a gentle way to see a holistic harmony and balance.

Supportive and  stabilizing at the purely physical level, the using of amulets, jewels, food supplements and other is commonly used. Each with individually determined vibrations and informed by a certain radionic procedure, self-healing is  supported. Alternatively, there may also other media (carriers) be energized. By this some kind of coupling-effects between the morpho-genetic fields (Sheldrake et al)  and the physical  level may be achieved and result in much better effects than by the Radionics solely.

How does all this work and what is the background ?

Everything is basically energy - everything is vibration. With this basic approach, we have the ability to understand relationships better than the still widely held (scientists) view "Only things I can capture with my five senses, exists."
So building the formation of a material form , a power structure or a wave pattern has to be preleminary. By "compression" of this power structure  or "idea" , the "field"  is building the structure/form (Note: First comes the plan (architect), then the actual construction
The key word is thus already fallen, "information"! Above the material and energy level there is still another, the information level. At this level, the creative idea, the vision, the plan (the "blueprint") of the stored energy structure and thus the shape of the material is situated.

Unlike energy, which has a certain size and direction (directional size = vector), informastion (seen as a field) is of non-directional size. This is called the scalar, similar to a "point of no expansion." In the words of modern quantum physics, the scalar field is in the so-called non-local, ie outside of space and time. Nevertheless, the information of all theseenergetical vectors are present as information within the scalar. It is therefore a huge pool of information or an information "box" which, depending on the plan (idea, vision, etc.) can develop any power structure or form.

The english scientist Rupert Sheldrake speaks in this context of "form-building cause" or by "morphogenetic" respectively "morphic field ". These fields have a holographic structure which in principle contain all the relevant information available and accessible in the universe. The morphogenetic fields are not electromagnetic nature and are probably on a different level than the space-time.
The existence of such a level that transcends space and time,  is believed by many physicists even meanwhile as necessary. David Bohm speaks in this context of a holographic universe and describes the two realms of existence as an "implicit" (enfolded) and "explicit" (unfolded) order. Furthermore the physicist Burkhard Heim believes, that in addition to our three spatial dimensions and time, a fourth dimension (space = time) with more transcendent dimensions exist. In these higher dimensions informations are contained, which control the structure and processes of the lower dimensions. These higher dimensions take over the function of a control panel.  Dowsing and Radionics allow thewell- trained operator to query and analyze i.e. specific information from the control fields of humans, animals, plants and all materials. Deviations from the standard state energy can be qualitatively assessed and accordingly be balanced

The Radionics and Dowsing (herein after: Radionics),  although still relatively unknown, are energy-efficient methods for the analysis (not: diagnosis) and balancing of the so-called "morphogenetic information field", and the Interior Data Field (IDF).
This working area includes, inter alia, the "Bipolar-Bioresonance-Test" (BBT) developed by the german dentist WILLIBALD MELISCHKO.

The origins of Radionics can be seen already  in Indian medicine (Ayurveda) as well as in ancient Greek, Egyptian and Chinese medicine and healing systems. In some countries, especially in England, Radionics is used complementary to the sense of (school) medicine for many years. In England, the "Radionic Practitioner 'is already a profession , equally exercised lin legal accordance with (orthodox) medical treatments and also in hospitals.
POLAND in this region is even considered teaching with state audit.
To practice  Radionics / Dowsing no knowledge of medical therapy in the traditional sense is needed or necessary, since these are also not at all necessary for the practical work.
According to the current state of the (academic) science,  radionic  is not a scientific, medical school accepted method. Therefore, the effect is disputed by the vast number of scientific faculties also vehemently. From orthodox medical / scientific point of view and claim (Note: at least in Germany ...) Radionics can therefore only produce a placebo effect and will also gladly be moved into the vicinity of "quackery"

On the other hand, appropriate studies (patient interviews) on the effects of radionics from England in 1996 and 2002, including the participation of the "Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health", however, proved signified effects on patients after treatment  by radionic methods. Appropriate literature is at the author of this article (pdf-file, 12 pages).

To make it even clearer to nominate:

A radiesthetic or radionic analysis is by no means a medical diagnosis or shall replace them or should replace medical treatment. Rather, this is a kind of energetic image or hologram of the current state of biofield / IDF / morphogenetic field (eg by R. Sheldrake, Professor Popp and others). The use of radionics is always an additional  guidance  for the clients in terms of a "Radionics Energetic Coaching" (short form: REC).. The REC is completely independent of the presence of health problems / diseases / disorders, etc.  in general, so the presence or absence of any health conditions. It's also not at all in the intend of  REC to therapy in the medical sense, but to accompany health care by regulating / balancing the IDF .

REC , in this case by means of the BBT,  is used for excitation and support to self-healing forces using so-called "Instrumental biocommunication"  for regulating, balancing and stabilizing the IDF.

"Radionics Energetic Coaching" (REC) does -not- replace the activitiesof  a doctor , health care professionals or other  medical practitioners.

Treatments / diagnoses by a physician or the above mentioned are  therefore in principle first choice, do have priority before and / or during the REC and are strongly and explicitly recommended .

Also these treatments by a doctor or therapist shall -not- be interrupted by the REC-client .
The client shall never have or get the impression, that REC  is a medical or healing practice, or could replace those.  Therefore prior information about REC is of greatest importance for both , client and practioner.


©  Volker Gross, September  2011